Friday, January 12, 2007

Clout Organized Play '07 FAQ

This FAQ requires a certain amount of "in the know" on the part of the reader. If you can't make heads of tails of this, please feel free to write me at for more general information on Clout, CLINCH, and the Venture Team.

Q: It's 2007, why do the Medallions still say 2006?
A: Well, the easy answer is we don't have new Medallion stickers yet. =-) Actually, the original CLINCH 'season' was to start with the release of Defenders of Undersea (originally scheduled for release in Feb '06) and end at Gen Con SoCal in November '06. CLINCH didn't actually get launched until April '06 so we pushed the Nationals and Worlds to Summer '07. The new CLINCH Medallions will probably say "2007-2008" or simply "Season 2". I like the year better as it frames the age of the Medallion.

Q: Why isn't there a new Pirate chip?
A: Originally, the first set of Promo Prize Chips (Set 1) was to last from the release of DoU until the release of RR. When RR came out, the set of chips you're just getting now (Set 2) was to be released. As it turned out, we used Set 1 at the launch with RR stealing the Set 2 pirate chip. We were to go on-press with Marvel in time to produce a new Set 2 pirate chip (plus Marvel Prize chips) in time for the January release of Set 2. Those chips will still be produced along with the Marvel set.

Q: I have extra prize chips. Can I still award them as prizes?
A: Of course! Particularly if your players still want them. If you'd rather shelve the old chips in favor of the new ones, that's fine too!

Q: 10 players just showed up to my tournament. Can I hold a Rally tournament right now?
A: If you have a Rally prize kit, you are free to hold your tournament any time you have enough players. I would really prefer that Rally events be announced in advance so players who are interested are less likely to miss the touranment. If you have the kit already, it would be acceptable to have a standing announcement that any time 10+ players show, a Rally tournament will be held in place of a normal Throw-Down.


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