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Happy New Year!

Hi everybody!
I told you I was working on things for 2007. As most of you know, the old tournament prize chips are no longer available with your tournament kits. Starting with next week’s mailing, there will be new prize chips for 6 of the 7 factions (new Pirate prize chips were to be produced with Marvel, darn it!). Also look to the bottom of this document for the new Venture Point Catalogue, including several international promo chips which I see no reason to keep around, gathering dust.

Warlord Kharn and I will continue to work on the Living Rulebook and I hope to have a new version of that done by the end of the month, taking all the comments from the Forum into account (which, of course, forces me to disregard about 49% of you…sigh) My goal with the Living Rulebook is to encourage the maximum amount of deck variety, reduce rules confusion, and make sure black doesn’t win everything all the time. =-) The LR will focus on tournament level rules rather than on ‘how to play’.

Everything listed below is for Venture Team Tournament events. Events you can run yourself in your store or even in your house. Things like Nationals and such, which will be run by HCG, are not included.

Comments are welcome. I’m working sans editor, so pointing out typos is even a good idea!

Adam "Wildcard" Conus

Venture Team 2007

Throw Down
Throw Down tournaments are the basic CLINCH tournament held by individual Venture Team organizers at local stores, clubs, and rec-rooms all over North America. Play format variety and creativity is encouraged for Throw-Down level events.

Requirements: Open Tournament, 6 player minimum
Judge Play?: Yes, if there are 9 or less players.
Play Formats: Any (1-on-1, multiplayer, team, Limited Faction Selection, Max Stacks, etc.)

Medallions: Winner : 3 Point Victory Medallion.
Faction Winner: 1 Point Faction Medallion.

The next level of CLINCH tournament. Rally events are roughly analogous to “qualifier” tournaments. Rally Tournaments may be held up to once per month by any tournament organizer provided the attendance requirements are met (subject to approval by the HCG OP Manager).

Requirements: Open Tournament, 10 player minimum
Judge Play?: No
Play Formats: 1-on-1 (strongly recommended)

Medallions: Winner : 4 Point Victory Medallion.
Faction Winner: 2 Point Faction Medallion.

Medalist events are ‘invitational’ type events where only players who possess an adequate number and assortment of Medallions may participate. Medalist events should typically have better prizes than standard Clout tournaments. Medalist events may be held by HCG Staff or be arranged in advance for convention play or store play by experienced Venture Team Organizers.

Requirements: Standard Medalist Tournaments – 10 Points worth of Medallion to play.
Ace Medalist Tournament – 5 matching Medallions to play.
Judge Play?: No
Play Formats: 1-on-1 (strongly recommended)

Medallions: Winner : 4 Point Victory Medallion.
Faction Winner: 2 Point Faction Medallion.

Tournament Notes

Reporting a CLINCH Tournament is worth 4 Venture Points. Reporting a non-CLINCH tournament is worth 3. Additional details about the tournament as well as suggestions are always welcome.

Too Few Players
If fewer than the required number of players attend an event, the event may be held and all non-Medallion prizes may be awarded.
Too Few Factions
If the required number of player attend, but there are still medallions remaining (in case all players play one color, for example.) the tournament organizer may keep the remaining medallions for themselves or save them for use as prizes in future tournaments.
In Clout, ties are ties. In a finals-type situation where a winner must be determined, a single game playoff should be played. If time does now allow a single game playoff, a single chip target toss for accuracy may also be used to break a tie.
One-on-One vs. Multiplayer and other Formats
Clout is, by design, a casual game placing fun above strict competition. As such, we’ve worked hard to stress a wide variety of light, fun, formats. This works fine at the Throw-Down level when the prizes are modest and the players (for the most part) know each other and are friends. Once the prizes increase, even as little as from Throw-Down to Rally, the intensity of play increases to a point where we recommend the standard 1-on-1 Clout format as the preferred format.

Holding your Own CLINCH Tournaments

All Venture Team members may request tournament support directly from Hidden City Games at no cost. We reserve the right to say no, but won’t do so without a good reason (example: we’re all out of what you’re asking for!) Please provide at least 2 weeks lead time on all tournament requests and 1 month lead time on all convention requests.

Requests must be sent via e-mail to Please include:

Kit Requests:
# Item Requested
______ x Standard Throw-Down (max order 4 per month)
______ x Standard Rally (max order 1 per month)
______ x Six Playmats (max order 1 per month)
______ x T-Shirt (max order 1**)
______ x Give Away Promo ________________
______ x Rally Give Away Promo (w/Rally Event only) ___________
______ x Convention Kit* – Booster Prize
______ x Convention Kit* – Starter Prize

* Rally and Convention Kits available only to experienced Venture Team organizers. Date of event/s also required upon ordering.
** T-Shirts are generally limited to 1 per Venture Team member, at the discretion of the OP Manager
Prize Kits
Standard Throw-Down Prize Kit
Contents: 8 Throw-Down Medallions (1 Winner, 7 Faction)
8 Prize Chips (1 Winner, 7 Faction)
Standard Rally Prize Kit
Contents: 8 Rally Medallions (1 Winner, 7 Faction)
8 Prize Chips (1 Winner, 7 Faction)

Prize Kit Add-Ons
Six Playmats – Available with a request for 4 or more Tournament Kits.
Venture Team T-Shirts – Available with a request for 4 or more Tournament Kits (Limited Quantities Available, please specify size when requesting the shirt.)
20 Chip Give-Away Promos – Available with any Rally or Throw Down request. Combination of Helm of Leadership and Shrunken Heads to be given away to the players for attending the tournament.
20 Chip Rally Give-Away Promos – Available with any Rally or Special Event request. Mechanical Raven, Whale Call, Staff of Many Wonders. (I’ll always ship the chips, TO’s may request the specific chip, depending on availability.)

Convention Kits
Standard Convention Kit
Contents: 5x Standard Throw-Down Prize Kits
1x Standard Rally Prize Kit
3x Venture Team T-Shirt
50x Give Away Promos (Helm of Leadership or Shrunken Head)
50x Give Away/Prize Promos (M. Raven, W. Call, S. of Many Wonders)
Prize Product:
1 Box Base Set Boosters, 1 Box DoU Boosters, 1 Box RR Boosters
1 Box Base Set Starters, 2 Boxes Base Set Boosters

Venture Prizes
Venture Points
Each Venture Team Member is awarded points based on their activities. These points accumulate and may be spend on a number of Items and Promo chip not available any other way. In addition, as Venture Team Members reach Venture Point milestones, special award chips are also periodically shipped as a reward for participation.

Venture Award Chips
These award chips are shipped out at no cost to the Venture Team Member upon reaching specific Venture Point milestones
1 Point – CF Scout
12 Points – CF Hunter
25 Points – CF Forrester
50 Points – CF Warden
100 Points – International Promo Chip
+50 Points thereafter – International Promo Chip

Venture Point General Store
Venture Point Purchase Requests should be sent to
Allow up to 4 weeks to process and ship requests (they all get done at one time, one per month.)

This list replaces all previous Venture Point Spending lists.

2 pts - One Booster Pack (Base Set, Defenders of Undersea, or Redbeard’s Revenge)
50pts – One Booster Display Box (Base Set, DoU, or RR)
5pts - One Pre-Constructed Stack
30pts – One Pre-Constructed Stack Box (8 stacks, DoU or RR)
5 pts – Clout “Chip Holder” Keychain
50pts – Clout Display Tray w/Bag of misc. Chips

5 pts – Additional Award Chip* (CF Scout, Hunter, Forrester, or Warden)
5 pts – Season 1 CLINCH US Promo Chip Set
(Mechanical Raven, Cunning, Sunken Skull, Whale Call, Staff of Many Wonders)
10 pts – Season 1 CLINCH Prize Chip Set (8 Chips)
25 pts. – International Promo Chip – Mercenary Sorcerer
25 pts. – International Promo Chip – Distraction
25 pts. – International Promo Chip – Mirage Projector
25 pts. – International Promo Chip – Baliste (Ballista)
25 pts. – International Promo Chip – War Gods Banner
25 pts. – International Promo Chip – Double Strike
25 pts. – International Promo Chip – Lame Rotanti (Whirling Blades)
100 pts – Complete International Doom Chip Set (10 Chips)

* CF Award Chips only available to players who’ve already earned their first copy.
All items are subject to availability.

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Looks great!
2007 will be the year for Clout to " Take off " !
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