Monday, August 28, 2006

Two Weeky No Posty?

Yes, I actually have been as busy as people thought I was last month! Funny how the world works.

In the last week the forum has featured the most in-depth discussion of the Clout turn sequence and 'timing' rules thus far. A number of players learned the game didn't work quite like they thought it did. At least one player was disappointed that a game that is supposed to be simple and fun would require such a discussion (at least that was the impression I got.) I think we cleared some things up and successfully navigated the most complex rules of the game with a fresh understanding of how the game works, and perhaps how it should work in the future.

In addition to a couple of other rulings, this is what we spent most of the week debating, debunking, and ultimately perfecting (IMHO):

Turn Sequence Detail

* Throw (or activate Movement abilities like Call, Place, etc.)
* Chip 'Lands'
* Activate and resolve in-play type Movement abilities
* Chip 'Rests'
* Activate Rally, Attack, and other non-Movement Standard abilities.
* Resolve all non-Rally abilities.
* Remove all chips affected by "Remove from Play" type effects.
* Chip no longer counts as 'Resting'
* Resolve any pending Rally effects, one at a time -> Repeat the turn sequence for rallied chip starting at the Throw step (you may not throw the chip, but you may activate Movement abilities like Call or Place.)
* Remove all Action chips from play.
* End of the Turn.

Pretty heady stuff, eh? Actually I like it. It's fairly short (as these things go) and really covers everything clearly. There's still some debate on semantics, but that's to be expected. It's important that I stress that this list is supposed to change NOTHING. It's an explanation of how the game has always worked, what be base our rulings upon, and how we plan on ruling in the future. If this changes how you've played it means a) you've been playing wrong or b) I need to fix the list so it reflects the game properly. Let me know if something comes out haywire!



Jirel said...

The interesting thing I see here is that it looks like if you threw a chip with Flair into range of a chip with Ambush you would not get to use the Flair ability. Or if a chip with Strike on it also had Flair and when you used the Strike a Counterstrike took it out, you would not get to use the Flair. Correct?

HCGAdam said...

I can see how it would look that way. It's easy to draw that conclusion when chips get removed from play before their abilities activate. In Clout, however, once an ability activates, it gets to resolve even if the chip that generated the ability is destroyed. Rally abilities resolve after chips are removed from play, but they *do* still resolve. Note that Rally abilities and other Standard abilities like Ambush all activate at the same time.

Jirel said...

Well, that's the way I would have originally read it, but I was getting confused with the 'new' understanding. :) Me and my brain. bleah.