Monday, August 07, 2006

A Wildcard Weekend.

When I'm not throwing Clout chips, I'm fighting mini R/C combat robots (1 lb. each!). Normally I wouldn't bother you with it, but after four years of doing this, I finally won my first tournament last Saturday. All the photos can be found here

My robot is a grabber/lifter called Mission Control. The big improvement with this version is titanium armor all around the robot. Ironically, the guy who traded me the titanium (for a couple of beers, no less) has his robot in my grasp, pictured to the left. He's also the fellow I ultimately defeated in the final.

Back on topic. What I missed out upon to fight robots this weekend was Wizard World Chicago which ended up (a bit to my surprise) the debut of Redbeard's Revenge, through prizes and give-aways. I don't think it was for sale. I'm told the show was a huge success, with a 28 player tournament on Sunday. That's big for us, and especially big for a comic show like Wizard World where it seems like 90% of the attendees don't even play games.

I'm told by Swan, one of our Venture Team Volunteers that the WizKids group was really cool, and when they went for sandwiches, let us get in on the order. That's a big deal at a show, and sort of thing I like to hear! WizKids, we owe you one, maybe I can make good at Gen Con.

Well, that's enough break for me. Back to putting Redbeard's Revenge Release Kits together. They're coming together quite nicely, and I think everyone will be really pleased.


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My brothers (Ian and Gage) and I (Brandon) where there and it was a blast. We ended up playing Clout most of the weekend. The ONLY thing that could have made it any better (which would be hard to do) is if there had been a CLINCH tourny.