Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Unique vs Efficient

I spoke with a fellow named Al a couple of days ago. Al represents an Organized Play website called Creative Gaming Events

To make a long story short, CGE seems to provide OP services similar to Wizard of the Coast's DCI, including rankings, event calendars, reporting, and the like. In short, it duplicates every other OP program ever done.

If we were to use CGE (and with Marvel on the way, I'd be foolish not to consider it!) it would mean:

Players would probably need ID numbers.
TO's would have to send reports via the website.
I would automatically get reports of new events being "sanctioned", and would use those reports to send out kits.
Whether we used it or not, there would be a rating/ranking system similar to other games.
Clout would be listed with the other participating games, perhaps gaining additional exposure.
Clout would be included in marketing targeted at member gamers. I was assured this was an Opt-in/Opt-out messaging.

CLINCH and the CLINCH Medallions would still the be the central mechanism for Clout OP. By automating the 'sanctioning/reporting' part of OP, I can keep the rest of our interactions relaxed and personal, the way I like things, even as the game grows larger. I'm honestly worried that the current system (simple, but labor intensive) won't be sustainable if Marvel is the success we expect it to be.

They also have some additional tools on the way in November, which I spec'd out for the HCG website, but we decided we couldn't afford. I'll keep the specifics to myself, just in case it's not public info, but it's cool.

All that and I'm still not at all comfortable with the idea of homogenizing Clout's OP program. I don't want to dive in and then realized it's not working and have to shift gears again.

Assuming we can keep the system going as-is (I think we can, really), what's more important. Remaining Unique or Becoming Efficient?


Kharn said...

I think that you should remain Unique. Efficinecy can come from a variety of sources but I think that OP should stay "in house".

Of course thats not to say that you do not have a crack team of helper monkeys that can take some of the excess work off your shoulders if only you could use us.

I work for peanuts (literally, peanuts) and would be more than willing to help as much as your willing to allow me to so we can maintin the status quo.

Anonymous said...

I share warlord's comments. I like clout is a very unigue game, and am more then willing to help out in way way I can. Just let me know what I can do, and I will assist in any fashion possible.

KodyRoss from clout forums.

Jirel said...

Maybe we need to get together and design a Fan supported Clout wegsite that does some of the stuff we need - like event calenders, store catelogues and the like. If we can find people who can code, I can design. Even good coders need a decent design to make it all flow well. Then it would be a matter of getting the hands to keep it updated. And I can organize that. I'm a good organizer. I don't have the title Systems Analyst for nothing. :) I just don't have the time/energy to do too much outside of work.

April said...

I'd be willing to help out as well. I have a good amount of design knowledge and a little coding. I'll be on the lookout for a program that can be uploaded to the website that can handle this all-then we may not have to do it from scratch. :)

Mattimao said...

Clout is unique. The OP system should stay that way to. How?

Get Adam some more helper monkeys!


HCGAdam said...


AL said...

I posted in the main forum as well. I feel there is a misunderstanding as to what our role would be.

We simply provide tools, nothing else. I like the fact the game is unique and fun. But I know from experience that marketing is a huge factor. We provide awsome ways to communicate with no change to the way things are currently done.

Regardless what the outcome, I know CLOUT will be a great succes, in part because of their devoted fan base.