Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Yes, I read them!

And this is a good one.

A Venture Team Demo Report:

"The most memorable moments of the evening were due the Clout chips failing to remain on the table, not just the play area, but off the table, across the floor, under tables, under chairs, under people, and the immediacy of players to chasing after them in all manner of ways. The chips have a knack for thwarting even the most prepared of players, in advance of a player cutting them off at the path, the chips decidedly swerved in other directions and avoided their stalwart chasers. Finding themselves eventually exhausted, they were usually retrieved successfully as they rested from their run. I speak from experience as well as witnessing the events. Between the surface of the play area propelling them in certain directions at somewhat high velocities, the texture of the carpet lent to the chips taking paths not foreseen. It was at times as if they had minds of their own. Players had as much fun chasing chips as throwing them. I kid you not. "



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