Friday, October 27, 2006

Bella Sara is GO!

With test market launches in Phoenix, San Diego, and Seattle ,HCG is soon to be something more than just the Clout company! Warning! If you're a die-hard gamer that bleeds Mountain Dew, this may be a bit of a shock:

I've been aked to help with the web site's games and such. I hope I can find the time!



Hahnarama said...

This is a joke right?????

HCGAdam said...

No joke. We're making a game for girls.

April said...

My sister is going to love this. I find it disgusting lol... but it's great for 13 year old girls!


Jirel said...

I want some! I love the pictures. When will they be on sale? Plus I have to update the Hidden City Games info on Wikipedia to reflect the info.