Thursday, April 06, 2006

CLINCH Marvel Heroes (?)

How do you integrate a new, fully compatible game, into a tournament system designed around an existing game?

Make it modular.

I had a meeting with Paul and Peter today regarding how to handle Marvel organized play. I made it clear that there are a lot of players who don't like the idea of multiple genre Clout, at least not Marvel and Fantasy. Peter, in turn, made a great point about how allowing all versions of Clout into standard events will create larger turnouts and generally better events. I agree with that.

The plan (totally subject to change):

Set up a base CLINCH Kit. This kit will contain tournament rules, stack-list documents, plus prizes for the Clout Fantasy Base Set only. In addition, each kit will come with choice of:
Full Fantasy Module, which includes prizes supporting the latest Clout: Fantasy expansions
Marvel Heroes Module, which includes prizes supporting Marvel Heroes expansions.
'Deluxe' Module, which includes prizes for both (but costs a bit more*.)

In addition, there will be a Marvel Heroes Mini-Kit, with all Marvel prize support.

This is what we more or less decided upon. We've got lots of time to change our minds, but I think this will satisfy the most number of TO's/Players. I welcome comments!

*Costs for the kits haven't been decided upon, but it's likely they'll be at least $10. For the cost you'll be getting at least 8 playable promo chips, plus 8 CLINCH Prize Medallions. I'm hoping we can work out deals with our distributors so merchants who purchase X amount of product can get the kits as a no-cost promotional deal, at least one per month.


Rorik36 said...

I like it. Lets everyone tailor their kits to their store's playstyle.

ParrotOx said...

I like the modular idea. Keeps everyone happy.