Monday, April 10, 2006

What's up?

I'm still filing off the sharp edges of the Venture Demo Team program. It's my number one priority right now, so expect me to be posting a lot about it.

The first demo kits have shipped. Anyone who was expecting a demo kit and hasn't seen it yet should request another one. Now that I'm shipping them USPS Priority, I can get them out the door faster, easier, cheaper, with quicker delivery. It's all good.

I ran out of playmats again, which means I need to order more from the warehouse. No big deal, though some of you will be getting your playmats this week and others will have to wait until next week. I don't know who is who yet, as I've delegated the playmat shipping duty. When I know, I'll let the affected party's know.

I believe I've got all the Venture reports and Info Gatherings marked down. As soon as VDT members confirm their info (which I should have requested at the outset), I'll post Venture Points here and on the forum. It's pretty modest right now. As soon as I have 20 members with points, I'll start the first Venture Auction, for a Mirage Projector.


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