Sunday, April 16, 2006

E-Mail and Demos

I need to request people start contacting me via:

Forum PM's are great for forum related issues (trading, questions, ect.) but not so much for Venture Team or non-forum related customer service issues. My old comcast address is no longer being used for Clout business at all. Any messages sent to that address I'll forward to my HCG address.

The problem is I'm losing things. About once per week somebody tells me they requested playmats/demo kits/prize kits and I have no record of it. I need to streamline the system, and slimming down the number of contact points is something that has to be done, for my own sanity and to improve service.

Weekend report: Took Friday off and saw V for Vendetta with my wife, Jennifer. Loved it. It was exactly the sort of subversive stuff I really get into. Hugo Weaving's voice is amazing.

Saturday a ran demos at Norwescon (in Seatac, WA) for about 6 hours. The game room was waaaaaaaaay out of the way, and passer-by traffic was slim. Got at least two new people interested, but it's hard to say if they'll follow through by purchasing anything.

I'm trying to figure out what makes some conventions demo-effective and others not. I'd say my time spent at Norwescon wasn't quality time. I would have been better off at a store on a crowded day.

What makes a good demo is my current brain-boggler. Where should demos be held? Where are they least effective? What makes a good crowd for Clout? Call it my 'need to know'.


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