Thursday, February 09, 2006

Clout: Fantasy Online Forums

Since the begining of the year the forum has been gaining an average of more than one new member per day, and today (Feb 9th) we broke the record for most users logged on at one time, with 22 users. The old record was 20 set on Jan 26th and the record before that was in the teens and set way back in September.

Current forum highlights:
Wildcard's Eternal Auction, now in its sixth week, and going strong. Current chips up for bid: 2 Hands of Venom, 1 Helm of Leadership, 1 Trickster, 1 Necromancer, and 1 Harpy Slasher. Current high bid: 2 Clout Logo chips, 1 Deep Woods Bard. (Don't expect heavy bidding until Monday when the auction ends!)
An almost heated debate about how powerful the Possess ability is.
Currently rating (1-5 stars) the black rare chips. I'll have results for everyone to see in a few days (or you could check the forum!)
62 reported 'good trades' on the Good Trader list, which is less than a month old. Even I'm on the list!
A "create-a-chip" thread.
And lots and lots of stack lists, posted for comments. Comments are plentiful!

Most of the posts are by our great core group of players, but that group has started to expand in the last few weeks with new players from Arizona all the way to Norway. I've also landed two more tournament organizers from the forum crowd just today.

While trying not to lay it on too thick (too late), I'd like to say I am really proud of the Clout forum community we have all created! I am dead serious when I say I haven't had this much fun online in years.

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