Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Clout Starter Draft Rules

Drafts are a great way to play any trading game when you're just getting started. Clout doesn't have an obvious way to play draft-style events, so we devised this method as an alternative to card game drafts. I think this is a terrific format for even beginners, provided they get some help drafting from an experienced player/judge.

Starter Draft

Because of Clout's rigid stack construction rules (all one color, two bases, 25 points) we have discovered that the best way to do a booster draft is to draft with 6 booster packs/player, then based on the chips drafted, select a starter stack and modify it.


Open the first 3 packs, draft by selecting one and passing the rest to the right. Repeat until all the chips have been selected.


Open the last 3 packs, draft by selectiong one and passing the rest to the left. Repeat until all the chips have been selected.

Once everyone has a nicely drafted selection of chips, they may *then* choose a starter stack and modify it using their drafted chips. The starter stacks do *not* have to be new, so players do not need to purchase new ones each draft.

All the rules for stack construction apply, so it's important to draft low-cost chips as well as power chips. The stack must have 15 chips and 2 bases. You could, if you wanted, play with fewer than 25 points, but you'd be robbing yourself.

Stack Lists (courtesy of sporadicgames.com)
Centaur Goblin Elf Undead

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