Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Organized Play is GO!

With Hidden City Games taking over for AEG in December, we've had our work cut out for us. We went from just producing the game (which was plenty!) to that plus organized play, customer service, sales, marketing, and almost certainly more.

It took a few weeks to get things rolling, but rolling they are and so far feedback has been terrific. I've added nearly 50 new tournament organizers to my list in just a couple of weeks, and new ones are jumping on board every week.

The first tournament kit, which I'm calling Kit#1 (fancy name, eh?) contains 2 Hand of Venom promo chips, plus 6 Helm of Leadership chips. Kit#1 has been available since the beginning of January and will remain available.

As of Feb 1st, the second kit, Kit#2 (do you see the pattern?) has been added to the mix. It still has the Hands, but replaces the Helms with a new Promo, Shrunked Head. Tournament organizers are now getting kit #2 by default, though they may request either.

New tournament organizers will start getting an updated Kit#1 with information specifically for new Clout: Fantasy TO's as their first kit.

In addition to kits, I've also distributed over 100 Clout/AEG playmats. While they're sort of ugly, they are nice for playing on. Check them out here

If you need any of this stuff, just let me know. I will set you up!


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