Monday, February 27, 2006

CLINCH and Tournament Kits

This message was sent to all the Clout: Fantasy Tournament Organizers. It has good info for everyone, so I'm posting here as well.

Hello everyone,
I've a couple of people have asked me for the "March" tournament kit. I have bad news. I don't have any new promo chips...yet. I'm working with the leftover promo chips from AEG until new chips can be manufactured, which is still a ways off. There's still a chance I can get additional chips from one of our overseas partners, but that's very iffy. For the time being, I only have Hands of Venom (running out), Helm of Leaderships, and Shrunken Heads. As requested, we are working on a new poster that will include a place to write in event times/days/dates.

I've mentioned CLINCH (Clout International Challenge) a couple of times on the message boards. CLINCH is the name of Clout's long term organized play system, and we expect it to be ready to launch in April. Here are some details:
* CLINCH tournament kit will be designed to support specific expansions. New kits will be released along with each new Clout expansion.
* Each CLINCH tournament pack will contain 1 chip for each faction, plus 1 neutral chip for the event winner. These will be tournament legal chips available only through CLINCH. These chips will be non-unique, designed to be collected in sets of 3. In order to have so many different chips in the kit, they need to last several months.
* Unique (as far as I know) CLINCH 'ranking' system. Rather than reporting tournament results, special metal medallions will be included with the kits to be issued to the winning players. Collections of these medallions will act as the player's invitation to special events (like nationals). Players are free to trade, buy, and sell these medallions, if they choose.

It's not clear yet how the CLINCH kits will be distributed. I think we can give a limited amount away (like 1 per month per TO) for free, then charge our cost for additional kits each month.

Questions, comments, and suggestions are welcome!


Mattimao said...

This sounds great! I am really happy with the way this game is going. Keep up with the communication Adam, my players are loving all this info!


HCGAdam said...

Thanks! I plan on keeping it up, so I'm glad folks are reading it!