Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Demo Kits

About a month ago I offered demo kits to the tournament organizers. Several of them took me up on my offer and requested the kits. After a month of mis-starts, I've got all the requested kits boxed up and ready to ship. What I'm hoping for, and I'll be asking each of the people that got kits this directly, is info on how and where they demoed, whether or not the 5-chip stacks included as the kit's giveaway item were interesting to people, did the kit contain the right amount of 'stuff', and what future demo kits should contain.

While I'm waiting for the feedback, I'll be getting ready for Wizard World LA (still looking for volunteers, by the way!) but not sending any new demo kits. You can certainly request them, so when I do ship more kits you'll get them right away.

On an unrelated note, it looks like I'm going to Europe in April to present CLINCH to our partners over there. This will be my first trip across an ocean, and I have to admit I'm a little nervous. If anyone's got any travelling suggestions, I'd love to hear them. Heck, if you've got presentation suggestions, I'd take that too! =-)


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