Sunday, March 19, 2006

WWLA Day 2: It's a marathon, not a sprint

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In this case it's literally true. I'm waking up Sunday morning to "Love Shack" blaring on a PA system and helicopters buzzing around the hotel like mechanincal gnats. The LA Marathon is starting, right below me. I took the photo just inches from where I'm typing this report, in my hotel room.

Saturday was the big day at Wizard World. I'm told the booth was crazy with demos, but Ryan (forum name: Clouthead) and I had our own job to do, running tournaments in the gaming area. As usual, when the convention began about 1% of the con-goers had even heard of Clout. As we provoded Starters for every attendee of Wizard World, that number has now gone up a bit!

We had two tournaments, one a 'sealed stack' tournament with starters and boosters to play. While modestly attended (most people just discovered the game that day) It was fun to see a dad and his two very young children playing, a pair of hard core comic fan brothers called "Rage" and "Sin", along with couples like Sarah and Martin. A fellow named Scott managed to take time off from his booth to win not one, but both of the tournaments. He was really cool, and gave the prize for the second tournament to the 2nd place player.

Oh! I'm running out of time. Got to go.

My next blog will be from home, so I'll see you next time from lovely Renton, WA.


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Swan said...


Give us the scoop, we see that there is Defenders of the Undersea at the convention, where are the chip pictures at? How does the new faction play, did anyone field a Merfolk team in the tournaments?