Wednesday, March 15, 2006

What happens at GAMA stays at GAMA

The GAMA Trade Show takes place in Vegas every year. It's where retailers, publishers, and distributers meet, connect, and conduct the business of gaming. I've been twice with Wizards and it's a terrific show. More 'professional' than player-oriented shows, but when it comes to brass tacks, still just a bunch of gamers checking out games. Just at GAMA, the gamers are keenly interested in what will sell (so they can eat!). After it was decided I would be going to Wizard World instead of GAMA, Merchant TO's started asking if they could meet up with me there. Darn it. I'll make sure to go next year. GAMA has a great vibe, short hours, and it's in VEGAS! Wizard World is right near the Staples Center in LA, but I doubt I'll be free enough to catch a game, even if I cared about the LA Clippers (Lakers, maybe. Clippers, no.)

Oh my, I found a picture on Gaming Report!
Paul, working his Mojo!


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