Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Frantic (not like the boring Harrison Ford film)

Folks, it's crazy this week. We're working on CLINCH, the Venture Demo Team, the new game, the final edit of the second expansion (Aaaaaarrrrr) was just completed, plus most of the company leaves for GAMA on Monday! I leave for Wizard World LA on Wednesday.


On a different note, while I've tried to remove reporting from all organized play processes, it's become clear that there will have to be reporting for the Venture Demo Team. Simply put, in order to reward you for helping us, we have to know what you did. My goal is to make the reporting as painless for the Venture Teammates (is teammates a good term?) and as useful for us as possible.

The best case for a demo would result in the Clout-player-to-be so excited about Clout that not only do they buy some on the spot, but they give you their name and e-mail address so we can contact them with even more exciting Clout news in the future.


I've read this is possible, but in practice it's tough to do. Future demo team members, we'll be cracking this nut together.


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Mattimao said...

Sounds great! It's always a great idea to direct new players to an updated and active web site and or blog. It gets them involved with other players that share their enjoyment of a game. In this case Clout! On a side note I have been busy the last few days and am just catching up on all the news. Great stuff!
My reason for being busy came into the world on tuesday at 8 lbs. 14 oz. ! His name is Luke and he is a healthy boy! My wife is doing great too!
"One day my son, you too will be... a gamer."

May your tosses not roll! --Matt