Sunday, March 05, 2006

I Love...Toys!

Love it or hate it, VH1 has assaulted us with another "I Love" series, this time featuring not only toys, but our own Peter Adkison announcing 3rd edition D&D from old GenCon footage. D&D ranked 98 of 100. Better than the Magic 8 Ball, not so good as Chutes and Ladders. With the exception of Wil Wheaton's attempt to explain it sanely, the game gets savaged. That's okay because they savage everyting on that show. I'm sure Woolie Willy (#91) fans have already started sending those nasty e-mails!

My goal: Have Wil Wheaton try and fail to explain Clout on VH1's I Love Toys, 2012. Go Wil!


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