Thursday, March 16, 2006

Wizard World LA

Whew, I'm tired. Nothing too dramatic to report, yet. Boxes arrived, booth dressing arrived, we arrived. Spent the better part of the day setting it all up, with the help of our "union guy", Steve. We exibitors always grumble about being forced to use union help to do the smallest of tasks, but Steve was both cool and helpful. We talked about some of the other shows he's worked, including GenCon SoCal and E3. It was all good.

I'm taking as many photos as I can, which hasn't turned out to be that many. I think I'll do better tomorrow. I've uploaded them to Flickr.

It's about 7:30pm now, and time to go search for some food. We're putting starters in the con goodie bags, so this weekend could be CrAzY! We've also got the first Defenders of Undersea product, so if any of you Clout fans do show up, mention the blog and I'll make sure you get a DoU Playing Stack (while they last.)

We will see what tomorrow will bring!



Jirel said...

"Arrrgggghhhh" Now I need to figure out how to fly to LA for the weekend so I can get some DotU product!

Kharn said...

Me too!

If only I was independently wealthy and didn't have this pesky job thing.


Oh well.