Thursday, March 16, 2006

Innovative vs. Fun

First of all, I'm writing this from a lovely LA Hotel (the Westin Bonaventure, specifically). Wizard World LA is right around the corner and you can expect what passes for regular reports right here every evening, complete with what passes for photos.

After re-reading the CLINCH flyer, I realized the first thing it says is how innovative Clout and CLINCH is. IMHO, that's true. However, I did post on a boardgamegeek Clout forum how I'm pushing fun over innovative, because I think that's the most important aspect of the game. That's also true, at least in theory. In practice I seem to be telling people both. I thought I'd better own up about my double talk, right here!

Of course, the reason I'm hear in LA is so I don't have to tell anyone anything. Cons are all about showing the game. In that spirit, I present my Wizard World LA stack...

Border Chaser
Home-Guard Trainee
Home-Guard Trainee
Novice Scout
Questing Warrior
Young Harpy
Fallaheen Elite
Seeking Shot
Precise Shot
Mountain Pass - Base
Mountain Pass - Base

Mountain Pass surrounded by Doomsayers is a pretty tough nut to crack. Most stacks will have to deal with the combo early or get into a points race which will be hard to win. Versus green and black the chips use their 2 range to spread out, minimizing the effect of the ALL chips (except Gangris, which will tear this up.) Versus orange and other purple, the chips get bunched up around whatever bases survive, combining 2 range Weakness 1 and 2 range Protect 2 for a pretty sturdy defense against nearly all strikes and seiges. A lot of destroy and/or double raze will give this stack the most trouble.

I can't wait to play it!


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