Monday, March 27, 2006

Wildcard's Eternal Auction Rules Changes

For those of you who don't know what WEA is, click here for rules, and here for the current auction.

This week I've changed the rules to encourage a greater variety of chips being bid. The two changes really add to the complexity of the auction, so I'm going to keep a close eye on things. I worry that new members of the forum will be intimidated by the ever-lengthening rules and not participate. If anyone doesn't 'get' the auction, please let me know. I know I had one person ask me about it and I didn't take the time to explain it, and I'm pretty sure they've not bid yet. Big mistake on my part.

The changes alone are pretty simple: You can't bid a chip that's currently up for auction. If a Sepis Keep, Pallimus the Ranger, and a Sinkhole are up, you can't bid Sepis Keep and Sinkhole hoping to win Pallimus for effectively nothing. That just defeats the purpose of the auction, so I made that sort of thing illegal.

The other change limits the number of promo chips to one of each, per auction. Most of the auction bids are 2 (the old maximum) of each of the most common Promo chips. Since promo chips are worth 2 rares each, that meant players with a lot of promos were the only ones who could compete in the auctions. I'd rather lower the value of promos to 1 rare each, but I took a poll and the current system seems to be more popular (with a very few voters.) As new players come on board, the promos will become more valuable again and the problem will take care of itself. We'll see.

Thanks, and good bidding!


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