Friday, March 24, 2006

Venture Demo Team

Hello everybody. I said I'd do it this week, and darned if I didn't! The Venture Demo Team has lauched. Everyone who's inquired about the team has just recieved the very first e-mail. It includes the basics of the program plus the benefits system. It also includes a way to earn Venture Points while never leaving your computer.

Everyone on this first list will be known as a Founding Member of the Venture Demo Team. There's no big bonus, but it's something that nobody else will ever be able to claim. If you didn't get an e-mail, but you want to be included as a founding member, you have until the end of this month to e-mail with your intention to join the program.

If you didn't get the e-mail, you're not currently on my list!

I do not have complete information for many of you, so you may be getting e-mails with some requests to fill my database/spreadseet.

I know there are unanswered questions in the initial e-mail, and mostly I have answers at the ready. Feel free to ask here, on the forum, or by e-mail.

You guys are the best, thank you!

Adam "Wildcard" Conus


Jirel said...

Can I say that your list has a big hole in it?

HCGAdam said...

You could. Actually I made a technical goof. I included a large graphic, probably too large, that hung up or was caught as spam by a bunch of people's systems. I don't think AOL got the message at all. I also goofed with the original message's e-mail address. The correct e-mail is listed in the blog-entry above.