Monday, March 13, 2006

Clout Marvel and More

What an exciting Monday!

The big news is the official Press Release announcing our next game, Clout: Marvel Super Heroes.

In addition, I've completed compiling the rulings from the Clout Forum into a single document and, thanks to Warlord Kharn, also compiled the errata into a what he (and now I) call the Clout: Fantasy Living Rulebook. Its just the normal rulebook text with a few improvements and all the current errata replacing the old text. Both of these documents can be found in the sidebar!

It's 12:10, and time for some lunch!


Mattimao said...

That is a HUGE move! Way to go on getting the Marvel rights!
This should really be popular at the WEB.

Rorik36 said...

Glad to see this will be a high profile expansion. Maybe we can get our player base to really expand with this set.

Great news.

HCGAdam said...

That's what I'm hoping. What Clout needs more than anything else is simple attention. Marvel brings it. In case you couldn't tell, I'm very excited!