Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Reporting Clout Tournaments

Question: I am a tournament organizer for Clout, and I've run an event or two. How do I report the results to you?

Answer: Unless you want to, you don't. We do not have or want a reporting system. I would love to hear how your tournaments went, how many people showed up, what they played, and who and what won, but I don't require anything. For now, the games are for games' sake. But...

Results will matter soon. CLINCH (CLout INternational CHallenge) is right around the corner. I think we'll be ready to announce its details next month. It's a completely new sort of tournament series, so be prepared for something a little more fun than what's been offered before. It's also designed to require the least amount of paperwork/reporting of any trading game system, ever.

A tournament organizer's most important job is putting on a great, fun, tournament for the players. That's where all my focus goes.


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