Wednesday, July 12, 2006


AHOY! Hidden City Games invites all scallywags, swashbucklers, able-bodied mariners and Clout fans to "get in the game" and join a randy crew of privateers at Gen Con Indy! Sail over to booth #845 to get yer photo taken and have yer ugly mug put on your own Clout chip! Then you’ll be a buccaneer in the red pirate faction with the launch of Redbeard’s Revenge, the new Clout expansion on sale first at Gen Con! Come dressed in your pirate finery or borrow our props – just be sure to get yer pirate on! Beware: Scurvy dogs and landlubbers will be keelhauled! ARRR!

(As there are no typos, you can tell I didn't write this myself! =-)



Anonymous said...

Arrrbe there Arrr y'all be squarrrr

Anonymous said...

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