Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Playing Favorites

If you go to the Clout forum, you'll find a thread where we're discussing the limited nature of Clout factions. As each expansion is a new faction, it's impractical support each one eternally, at least with our current strategy. This has really got at least a few players pretty hot!

For the details of the discussion, click the link. I just want to share a bit about me and why I think this is an issue.

I don't have a favorite faction. When I played Magic I didn't have a favorite color (I had a least favorite color...white.) Most trading games are faction oriented in some manner, and I have never chosen just one and stuck to it. In fact, regardless of the game, I don't like to play the same faction twice in a row. For me, it's about variety. The more, the better. Those that have played me at conventions know I like to change stacks after every game. Not only that, I like to go up and rebuild and retune stacks after every game session, even if I won.

I think an individual's preference regarding single faction or multi-faction play is based on personal preferances in combination with game culture. As Magic was my game of choice, and color allegience was not considered a big deal, I never developed it. My observation of L5R players, on the other hand, leads me to believe they can be fiercely loyal to thier factions. I've seen a few Clout players who have also grown attached to their faction of choice. It seems there are many who fall into this category. That's just not me.


Mattimao said...

Hey- as long as no factions are every "banned" from play, I'll be fine! :)
In fact, I like the idea of limited factions. It will make the game alot more interesting in the long run.
( Fast forward to 2007 )

Clout game starts...
New player: What are those?
Mattimao: Mermaids
New Player: Ha Ha! Mermaids!
Mattimao: Just wait...

After game,
New Player:Man that Call thing is evil!
Mattimao: Ha Ha!! Want to trade some chips?

Kharn said...

I've always agreed with this philosophy and find it refreshing that all factions will be legal even if they are not supported after a period of time.

Anonymous said...
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