Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Origins 2006

I can't overstate how successful Clout was at Origins this year. Where other vendors were complaining about light crowds and slow business we had our biggest weekend of of sales ever, hosted our biggest tournament ever (28 players), and were generally slammed doing demoes start to finish, all four days.

After such a successful convention, I'm expecting a flood of "my local store doesn't carry Clout, what can I do?" e-mails. While I don't have the final answer quite yet, in general the solution is to request a demo kit from me and show the store the game, and after a few demos the store will see how quickly people get into it. Clout is available through standard game distribution channels, so it's likely all the store needs to do is call their usual game supplier and ask for Clout. If not, they can contact me (adam hiddencitygames com) for info.

CLINCH launched at Origins, but it'll be a few more weeks before it can lauch everywhere else. I just don't have the metal Medallion chips yet. That said, the new prize chips are ready to go. Starting Monday, July 11th, Shrunken Heads and Helm of Leaderships will be things of the past. They will continue to be available as an option for Venture Demo Team members to purchase with points, but really they will become the standard give-away promo at conventions. We still have thousands...

Lastly, we still need volunteers for SanDiego Comic-Con, Wizard World Chicago, and Gen Con. Contact me if you'd like information on volunteering.

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And volunteering is fun! So go ahead and volunter.