Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Heffalump Traps

Right now I'm reading House at Pooh corner to my 5 year old before he goes to bed. The last chapter I read involved Pooh and Piglet falling into a pit they had dug to catch the Very Fierce Heffalump.

I sort of feel like that's happened to me. I've found myself in at the bottom of a pit I dug myself. Despite the CLINCH medallions being available at Origins, I still don't have any to ship to TO's. My liberal policy regarding prize support has the new prize chips on e-bay before a single tournament has even taken place. I haven't compiled Venture points in so long, I barely remember how to do it. (update: while stuck in the San Fran airport, I updated the VP list!) My goal of a one day turnaround on e-mail is so lost some people think my e-mail has stopped working (it hasn't- Sorry Amy!)

All this and I'm not really as swamped as people think. I'm just disorganized.

Today I leave for San Diego Comic-Con. I'm looking forward to meeting several new Venture Demo Team members, running a really aggressive tournament schedule, and generally having a good time away from all of these largely self-made issues. When I return I'm going to take a look at everything, decide how to fix each issue, and then fix them.

Things will probably stay a bit screwed up for the rest of this month, but I'm shooting to be back on track in August (in time for Gen Con Indy to challenge my solutions.)

Other things I'm working on:

A system for getting prize support to international TO's.
New tournament guidelines for CLINCH.
Two documents: one for players and another for TO's. Very short, very open ended.
A league system for conventions that Ventures can also run on their own with just a printer, a sheet of round stickers, and some prize support.
A 'catalog' of items Ventures can purchase with their points.

At the end of the Pooh chapter, Christopher Robin came and rescued them. In my story, I'll be climbing out of the pit myself...then covering it with something...perhaps a new Clout Playmat!



Jirel said...

I'm Virgo. Getting organized is easy. STAYING organized on the other hand.... LOL! Good luck! Remember, if there's anything I can help with, just let me know.

Kharn said...

I am also available to help whenever you need me as well. I am well organized when it comes to the "important" stuff. :D

Mattimao said...

Ditto... If you need any help with stuff let me know. My wife calls me an organizational freak! :) Of course she is too... :)

On the subject of bedtime stories,
Find a book called:
The Little Mouse,The Red Ripe Strawberry, and The Big Hungry Bear. by Don and Audrey Wood

I have four kids and the three oldest have all really liked the story. The youngest still isn't old enough yet. :)

HCGAdam said...

Thanks everybody! I'll keep you all in mind as I hatch my devious plans!

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