Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Act Now, Supplies are Running Out!

In fact, this might be true. I've just procured a case of base set boosters to upgrade the 5-chip demo stack bags. Now Venture Demoers will have the 5-chip stack + 1 booster to give away.

Sean, Andre, and I had a meeting last week and one of the things Sean mentioned was how 'the lightbulb turns on' when a new player opens that first booster. My question was simple...how to we put that experience into the demo? My answer was equally simple...lets give each new player a booster.

Now, I don't have an unlimited supply of boosters, but I do have enough for a couple more demo kit mailings. Once my current supply is gone, we'll look at the success of 5-chip+ pack and decide if we want to keep it up.

Other demo team notes...with the next batch of mailings, the total number of demo packs shipped will have exceeded 500. Now, I know not all of those demo stacks are reaching new players, but if even a small percentage translates to new fans, the whole thing becomes worth it.

As I've said before, the reports of people getting hooked on Clout through the efforts of the Venture Demo Team are really exciting. (I have to say "Clout" and "Venture Demo Team" so search engines will see my posts! =-)



1 comment:

Mattimao said...

I think this is one of your best ideas yet! The store where I run demos and tournies ( The Tangled Web ) gave boosters as a bonus to the tourny players last week and they loved it.
This will be great!