Thursday, May 18, 2006

Venture Update

Hi everybody,

Nothing helps spread the word like fixing my e-mail list (so it sends out messages to people other than just myself!)

A few Venture Team members have reported good luck running demos, followed by a quick tournament. I’ve found that tournaments using just the Starter games make for fabulous beginner tournaments. If you’re running events in a store, make sure the store’s stocked with the Starters and invite people who are taking demos to come back for a Starter-only tournament that same day. You and the new players will have a great time, and the store will make some sales (that’s always makes you popular with the manager!) Also, if you have a tournament already scheduled, make sure to include that information in the player’s demo stack bag so they know when to come back and have some fun. Running both events also gets you 8 Venture Points rather than the usual 4, which isn’t a bad deal for your time!

I’ve just put another dozen of the new, improved, Demo Kits together as well as a pile of tournament prize kits (with the new Whale Call promo.) They’re just waiting for some Venture Team Members to request them. I’m basically shipping on demand right now. There’s still time to get prizes or demo-freebees for next weekend. For those of you who have requested kits or mats, I should be completely caught up with shipping by the end of the day tomorrow.

Hidden City Games will be at KublaCon next weekend, and Wizard World Philly the weekend after that. If you’re nearby, please come by one of these conventions. We’ll have special giveaways just for Clout Forum members and Venture Demo Team members. If you’re free to help out, you can make some quick Venture Points.


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