Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Auction Woes

The last Eternal Auction had all sorts of problems. *sigh* Of course, it was the biggest auction we'd had, so the competition to win was particularly fierce. Lots of things came to light:

First, putting in a large bid at that last minute is/can be percieved as a problem. First off, the forum software isn't quick enough to be fair about it whose bid makes it in and whose does not. Also, lots of people just can be on the computer right when the auction ends, meaning those people miss out entirely.

Second, *I* run the thing, which means things are just going to go haywire (welcome to my life). Somehow my forum clock got off by an hour, so I said a bid at 12:01 was in time, when by the rules it wasn't. Until I fixed the clock, my screen said 11:01, and it didn't occur to me that it might be ME that was off by an hour, not a whole forum of fans. Doh!

So, I've got two players who really deserve to win the biggest auction yet, and I only have chips for one of them.

Right now I have to decide if I want to run the next auction, as is, or put the thing on hiatus until I can come up with some improvements. I hate hiatusesus (sp?) so I'd better get the next auction up and running. For now, sniping is part of the game as is dealing with an idiot admin (i.e. me.)

All this in the pursuit of FUN!

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Jirel said...

You're not an idiot admin, you're dealing with a dumb blond with a redhead's temper. I'm IRISH. I've worked on it all my life but I'm still Irish.