Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Wildcard's Eternal Auction 2.0!

If you play Clout but don't at least check out the Forum's Eternal Auction, well darn it, check it out!

After some glitches, I have rewritten the rules to make bidding less complex and eliminate the problems associated with a fixed end-time for the auction. For your enjoyment I now present, WEA 2.0:

Wildcard’s Eternal Auction 2.0

The auction that never ends! Any forum member may bid their own chips and the highest bid wins the auction. The contents of the winning bids then become future auctions.

Auction Rules:

* Bidding is real. If you bid, you will be expected send those chips in exchange for the current lot.

* Auction contents are announced in the “This for That” trading forum in the Wildcard's Eternal Auction thread. Active auction are always ‘sticky’.

* Legal bids must be posted in the active Wildcard's Eternal Auction thread.

* You pay postage for what you mail. I pay postage for what I mail. I don't care where from, so international bidders are welcome!

* Bidders must follow the rules of bidding. Illegal bids will be ignored and illegal bidders will be the subject of much pointing and giggling.

* Auctions begin as soon as the first Auction announcement is posted.

* The auction ends 48 hours following the final high bid. Example: A bid is posted at Sat May 13, 2006 6:41 am. If there are no other bids, the Auction will end Mon May 15, 2005 6:42 am, 48 hours later. If a bid comes on May 15th at 6:41, the auction will go another 48 hours.

Bidding Rules:

* Only rare, dragon and promo chips may be bid.

* A legal bid must exceed all previous bids in value.

* No Bids may include more than 3 of any single non-unique chip.
* No Bids may include more than 1 copy of any one unique chip.
* No Bids may include more than 2 neutral chips.

* Chips bid may not be the same as the chips available in the auction. Example: If a Helm of Leadership is in the auction, that chip is not available to bid with.

* For bidding purposes: Promo Chips are worth 2 rares. Common Dragon chips are worth 3 rares. Rare Dragon chips are worth 9 rares.

* A legal bid must include the title of specific chips being bid, their rarity, and the total number of rares (including totals for promos and dragons.) Non-english or dual-language chips should be specified as such. For this auction, language has no impact on chip value. Details: What if nobody bids? If an auction passes and nobody bids, I will add chips to the auction (rares, promos, dragons), and rerun it.

New auctions will start within one week of the old auctions end.

I'll ship the winner their chips upon arrival of their bid. All auction rules are subject to change between auctions.

Questions are welcome right here!

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