Thursday, May 25, 2006

It's like my Birthday!

About halfway through our weekly staff meeting Seanna, who handles much of Clout's production, says sort of off-handedly, "Adam, do you want the Clinch stickers? I've got them in my car?"

DO I!?!?! Well YES!!!

More specifically, she had (now I have) the entire CLINCH run of Medallion inserts. While the metal medallions haven't arrived yet, I can now make mock-up CLINCH Medallions using standard clout chips...the kind I have a few hundred of under my dining room table.

I've already got the okay to make some up and ship them out as preview samples, so expect CLINCH Pseudo-Medallions in the next batch of tournament kits. The only question...what color chip should I use? (I don't have white or dragon.)

Here they are on black chips, (the goblin is upside down)
The Medallions use the same art as the CLINCH promo chips (we're either being cheap or smart, depending on how you look at it!)


-J.Meyer said...

sweet! I see my chip!

HCGAdam said...

I'll make sure you get a few of both the Medallions and the Promo Chips as soon as I've got real ones.


-J.Meyer said...

Woot!! Thanks!!! =)

Jirel said...

Cool!! I like them on black. Umm, does writing efforts get sneak previews? I can't do fiction like Kahn, but....