Friday, May 26, 2006

We used to we wusses, but now we're METAL

CLINCH medallions will be the same size and shape as standard Clout chips, but instead of plastic, they'll be metal. Shown here is an artist's rendering of a CLINCH Chip (not a real one)



The metal chips haven't arrived yet, but I can show off the designs using standard plastic Clout chips, pictured in the previous entry.



Jirel said...

*DROOL!* Oh great! Now I have to wipe off my keyboard.

Jirel said...

Why doesn't my comment show up in the number of comments list? Just curious.

HCGAdam said...

They do for me. The blog doesn't show comments unless you view a specific entry. makes me scratch my head sometimes.

Mattimao said...

Must wait...

Must... Must hold Metal Chips!


The CLINCH chips look nice and I am looking forward to seeing them in person.