Thursday, June 08, 2006

CLINCH Newz and Previewz

I'm going to break my own rules and predict the future:

CLINCH will debut at Origins 2006. Medallions will be here. Promo prize chips ARE here (arrived today!) I'll begin shipping on Monday after Origins, the first week of July, my normal OP shipping schedule.

This will be the last month to get Helm of Leaderships and Shrunken Heads.

Since my Armored Captain file got corrupted (I'll make another one, but not tonight) how about a couple of other CLINCH art previews!

Necro Adept by Clint Langly

Shore Patrol by Jennifer Meyer


Rorik36 said...

Great art work. I love the art effects on the first one.

Mattimao said...

J Meyer- You really did great on Shore Patrol! I think it's your best yet. The shells are a great touch. Love the camo job too! Do you have a link to the full art work? It would make a great wallpaper for my computer! :)

The Necro is great also. Love the spell effect and the ship in the background.

Jirel said...

They are both great looking! While the spell effect is fantastic on the first (and blue is among my favorite colors) I love the color combinations in Shore Patrol.

Adam Nelson said...

friggin AWSOME

-J.Meyer said...

I like the Necro too. Especially the grey-ish sky, that is very nicely done!

Thanks everyone for such nice words! :)

I'm proud of shore patrol. I plan to put it up on my website, but not quite yet (I usually do sorta large updates at once).

-mattimao: email me, I will see if I can do some sorta wallpaper for you. I've only done one for my self before.
(jirel, adam, or rorik, let me know if you are interested too)