Thursday, June 22, 2006

Five Finger Dis-Count

Does the title make any sense at all? No. Oh well.

We ran across this a few months back and all had visions of dazzling the peeps at GenCon. As it turns out I suck at this sort of thing. Maybe you all can do better!

Poker Chip Tricks



Jirel said...

would you believe my stupid work has that site blocked! Instead of the red screen of death I got the blue blocked screen. Want to know if you have arthritis in your hands? Try to do the easiest tricks. Looks like they will be good practice for limbering up my fingers and trying to keep my joints moving. :)

HCGAdam said...

There's nothing wrong with me other than having chubby fingers and general lack of dexterity. A bit more of a stick-to-it mentality wouldn't hurt either. To be fair, I did learn one of the easy tricks (though did not master!)


Saxon Cross said...


We'll work some more trick at Comic Con. Just be sure to bring the Tylenol Arthritis.

Anonymous said...

i dont think u can do some of the tricks because of the lack of wieght in the center of the chip like real poker chips. ive been working on them since this was posted and a few are possible but the falshier ones r really hard