Thursday, June 15, 2006

Expect the Unexpected

Bella Sara

Check out the press release talking about Hidden City Games' next big thing, Bella Sara. Now, I don't really expect you guys to be that excited about this game, but you should know that we are all very, very excited about it. Like Clout, people just take to the game when they see it. Unlike Clout, the people taking to the game are little girls. So far, little girls in Denmark. Our goal is to spread Bella Sara to world beyond Scandinavia.

Excited? Well, if not, that's okay. =-)

How about this. We've designed and printed the first two sets of CLINCH promo prize chip sets. The first set is designed to support and tie-in with Defender of Undersea, the second supports Redbeard's Revenge.

With Clout Marvel Heroes being the next expansion due out after RR, the third CLINCH kit will feature new chips from ALL previous expansions, plus the two new factions of Marvel. That's right, the third CLINCH kit will feature 10 new chips, one for each faction plus two neutral. That is, unless the plan changes again. I don't think it will, which is why I'm writing this now.

The original CLINCH Marvel plan was to produce two kits that could be combined into one, but we decided our original Clout is Clout is Clout strategy is best. Each new Clout expansion, regardless of genre, is Clout. Different genres, one game. At best, Marvel and Fantasy fans will convert eachother. At worst, TO's will be stuck with a bunch of extra chips they don't need (I guess there's always e-bay...kidding!)


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Jirel said...

Where was this when I was 7? Sigh... I LOVED horses. I used to ride too. Of course when I was 7 we were too poor to do this sort of thing, (I started riding in high school) but that's beside the point.