Saturday, June 03, 2006

Wizard World Philly Day 2

Wizard World Philadelphia

It's midnight here in the city of brotherly love, and because I fell asleep almost immediately after getting back to my room from the show, I'll probably be up until 3am. *sigh* Maybe inspiration will hit me and I'll get some work on my personal CCG done. (Not likely.)

My favorite story from today's event: One of the players (Adam, I think) from the morning's Starter Stack tournament was disappointed he couldn't come play in the 3pm constructed stack tournament because he had to go see "some guy speak". I'm pretty sure the speaker was Kevin Smith. Honestly, I'd ditch all you guys to see Kevin Smith if I thought I could get away with it. Adam, if you're reading this (and that is you're name), I hope you don't mind. It's was pretty good moment for me and I wanted to share.

Michael had a great TriGun Costume, complete with doughnuts!

Stuart adjudicating the final match of the constructed stack tournament between Carl (left) and Kurt (Right), both terrific players. Kurt took home the gold (in the form of a Bag of Greed + Loaded Chip Display). Congratulations Kurt!

Left to Right: Melinda, Mike, Adarian, Adam, Stuart.

Good night!


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Adam Nelson said...

Well thanks for Adding me in! Haha, Wish i could have been in one of the pics but tis all good. I have a ton!

See you in the future