Friday, June 02, 2006

Wizard World Philly Day 1

A good day. I'm not sure it was a great day, but Fridays at cons rarely are. Despite Jetlag and foolishly following my workmates to an Irish pub last night the day went by extra smooth.

We had an Intro to Clout session, where the players played 3-player games. First with just Starter Games, then I provided boosters and they played with the slighly modified stacks. I'm really happy with it as a 'first tournament' format. This wasn't really a tournament, I just set up games and gave prizes to the players who won each game. Everyone got boosters and promos. [newt] They mostly got Helms and Shrunken Heads, mostly. [\newt] My favorite part of the tournament was a young girl named Danielle who (while a little loosey-goosey with the throwing rules) was still a dead-eye shot and won both her games. She seemed pretty sure she could beat her brother who plays Hero Clix. I think she's right! We'll find out tomorrow, as they both plan on playing.

Big thanks to Stuart (Swan on the forums) for helping me out. Out of 12 players, 8 were first timers and with 6 players we could have one judge per table. It worked out great. In addition to Venture Points, I've got to find way to thank him. We may be getting together later to play. It all depends on what the other folks want to do. He said they looked pretty tuckered out, and to be honest, so am I.

Tomorrow will be the big kahuna day. I'm running another Starter tournament at 11am (this time a proper tournament, rather than a series of indivudal games)

The plan: Lots of sleep, No Irish Pubs, Good Breakfast w/fruit, then CLOUT!


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